New appointments to the DRAC are on this week’s Council agenda.

As some of you remember, we had researched the members of the City Development Review Advisory Committee a while-back and found that the members of this “citizen committee” all had some financial interest in increased development & decreased regulation.

New appointments to the DRAC are on this week’s Council agenda.

Four are re-appointments.
One is new –
He is Justin Wood, listed under the “Home Builders” category – he is a VP at Fish Construction NW, and apparently Jeff Fish’s son-in-law.
He’s also on the Executive Committee of Oregon Home Builders Assn. – he is the “Codes and Technology Chair” there – won’t that be handy for him to have this access to City Hall…

Re-appointments are;

-Hermann Colas/”Minority Construction Contractors & Development Professionals”
He appears to have retired from his company, Colas Construction, and a family-member now runs it. He had mostly done commercial construction/TIs, according to his LinkedIn page.

-Maxine Fitzpatrick/”Low-Income Housing Developers”
Originally appointed in Feb. 2014, she is Executive Director of PCRI,

-Rob Humphrey/”Small Businesses”
Yes, this is the guy from “Faster Permits”

-Kristin Wells/”Major Facility Landowners”
An architect, she works for Portland Public Schools as the “Design, Permit and Document Control Coordinator” – I see her listed as “applicant” on requests for permits for work on PPS facilities.
I suppose that means she was behind the remodel of Roosevelt High School, which has the community in an uproar and has led to the filing of a discrimination complaint against PPS.

From the City;
“The mission of the DRAC is to foster a timely, predictable and accountable development review process that implements the City’s goals for land use, transportation, housing, economic development, neighborhood livability and the environment; and advocates for and supports consistent and fair application and implementation of regulations.”

The DRAC agenda-item is #377, here;

**Also of interest to this Group is agenda item #386 –
Discussion & changes to the Parks SDCs (“System Development Charges”).
A “SDC” is charged when a builder taps-into the sewer/water mainlines, for example.
We have questioned here whether or not the SDCs a developer pays actually-cover the actual-cost of that new structure’s burden on our infrastructure (Water/Sewer/Schools/Police/Fire/Transportation, and Parks).