Action Planned 7/10, 4pm – Developer Applies for Division Complex

via Developer Applies for Division Complex, Nearby Action Planned | The Portland Chronicle.

  • at 4:00pm
  • Corner of SE 50th & SE Division
Bring a sign and raise your voice!This is a demonstration to let the City’s leaders know that we will no longer tolerate the demolition of the city’s affordable housing, the rapid-gentrification of our neighborhoods, the increase in homelessness & income-inequality, and the loss of our urban tree canopy & wildlife.

Posted on July 9, 2015 by Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. – A three-story apartment complex has been applied for on the site of a 113-year-old house in the Richmond neighborhood of Southeast Portland, two blocks from a planned demolition-related protest later this week.

As reported by the Portland Chronicle in March, a 1902 house located at 5134 SE Division St. sits on the lot proposed for new development.

Since publication of that article the city received an application for demolition of the two-story 2,085-square-foot home on April 17. The permit was subject to the 35-day demolition delay, as even though the application was submitted prior to new demolition regulations taking effect the delay was activated as the developer plans to replace the home with multiple new units.

The property is owned by Division Street Flats LLC following a sale on Feb. 23 for $660,000. Division Street Flats LLC is registered to Urban Asset Advisors LLC, which in turn is registered to Tim O’Brien. Urban Asset Advisors is also working on a six-story building in the central east side.

On June 29 the Bureau of Development Services received an application for construction on the site of the 113-year-old home, for a three-story 14-unit apartment complex with underground parking. The listed contractor is Erik Opsahl of Rainier Pacific Development LLC.

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via Developer Applies for Division Complex, Nearby Action Planned | The Portland Chronicle.