Action alert: Speak up for Portland’s trees!

Action alert: Speak up for Portland's trees!

Big Four Corners Natural Area

July 23, 2015: Please attend the Portland Urban Forestry Commission Public Hearing on Aug. 4 and voice your support for stronger tree preservation and replanting standards in the City of Portland.

What: Urban Forestry Commission Hearing on Tree Replacement Requirements
When: Tuesday, Aug. 4, 6-8 p.m.
Where: 1900 SW 4th Ave., Room 2500A, Portland

Why: As a result of the recent cutting of large trees in Portland, the Urban Forestry Commission is taking public testimony before making recommendations to City Council regarding new rules relating to the cutting of large healthy trees and the planting of replacement trees. The City of Portland is currently considering new tree replacement and mitigation requirements that will impact the likelihood of large healthy trees being cut in the first place, and will determine the number of replacement trees to be planted in compensation. If you can’t make the hearing, send your comments via email! See below for more detail.

East Moreland giant sequoias, 700 pixels - Art Bradford
Under Portland’s new City-wide tree code, a developer was granted a permit to cut down these giant sequoia trees in the East Moreland neighborhood. To replace the trees, the developer would only have to plant four saplings or pay $2,400 to the City’s Tree Preservation or Planting Fund. Neighbors and tree advocates believe these tree replacement requirements are too low. Photo by Art Bradford.

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