“Players” to Watch

Special Report on

Player #1 – Charlie Hales / September, 2015

There (was) some media attention drawn to the sources of Mayor Hales’ Campaign Fundraising efforts, particularly with regard to the influence being wielded by the Building & Development industry and contractors (https://fightportlanddemodevelopment.wordpress.com/save-portland-redwoods/news-and-views/).  Despite this week’s (9/19/2015) news of  Hales supporting a $25,000 fee to be paid by Developers, to tear-down a viable house, and his “participation” helping reach a deal with Vic Remmers to save the Martins Sequoias, Mayor Hales’ Fundraising off his close relationships with the Building and Development industries, earns him the Honorary Player #1 status.

The Secretary of State’s office maintains a record of Hales’ campaign fundraising, which I have filtered and cleaned-up a bit, and my copy is readable by downloading it here (though I anticipate some formatting issues…)

Hales’ $$, 2011-2015

Please manipulate the spreadsheet to your liking, as there are a number of cloumns that are currently hidden, and I have not tried to segment using sorting. One interesting thing I learned by simply adding up total campaign contributions for each year, from 2011 to 2015, is that 2012 is the year we should be focused on, when Hales took in $2.66 million.

2015 Annual Totals: $189,378
2014 Annual Totals: $15,574
2013 Annual Totals: $129,416
2012 Annual Totals: $2,659,255
2011 Annual Totals: $453,539


Check out Novick’s fundraising, as well.  He just received $500 from Everett Custom Homes!  I got this from the Secretary of State’s website, at http://tinyurl.com/3dxfwly.

Novick Campaign $$

The Real Players

These are rough lists of  “owners”(speculators), developers, demolition companies, permit facilitators and the like, gleaned from the stellar documentation of this crisis by The Portland Chronicle. 

As noted previously, the names of these entities have come up in countless reports of demolition-development published in the Portland Chronicle, but there didn’t seem an efficient way to drill-down to locate web-addresses, construction license information, or even business histories.  That is not a deficiency in the Portland Chronicle reporting, but rather, a result of the rapidly changing demolition-development environment, and potentially some shape-shifting, or intentional obfuscation, on the part of the Players involved.

 Google-searching the names of companies and individuals mentioned in the Portland Chronicle’s compilations of Permit Reviews and Issuance is often like going down the “rabbit-hole”.  Some listings will yield actual websites, but many will produce various business review-type sites, like Manta, or Better Business Bureau rating pages, but no company website.  I have segregated the actual websites from the Google pages and I have alphabetized the lists, for convenience.  It is a comprehensive list compiled from the full archive of  The Portland Chronicle’s “Demolition Permits Under Review” postings, to date (and updated regularly).

**  I have not updated the Players List since 9/6/15, and would love to see someone take the reins.  Contact me at the email address on the sidebar.

Such a focused catalog of the actors in this Tragedy, once fleshed out, organized and formatted in a search-friendly manner, should facilitate investigation, documentation, analysis and quite possibly litigation efforts, which might disrupt, slow, or better regulate this veritable Gold Rush on Portland properties.

Here is a spreadsheet of the condensing work I have done, in this area…


Thanks for your interest!

Steve Keller